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On August 5th,1995, a 32kg coelacanth was caught in a net set at a depth of 140-150m off the village of AnakaÚ on the southwest coast of Madagascar.

A miniature sheet, depicting the coelacanth in itís natural habitat, was issued in 1982 as the top value (450F or 90 ARIARY) in a set of six marine stamps.

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A miniature sheet, depicting a coelacanth, was issued on 26 April 1990 as the top value (550FMG or 110 ARIARY) in a set of six marine stamps.
The date inscription on the stamp reads 1989 but this issue, due to a delay, was only issued in 1990.

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This coelacanth stamp is one of a set of sixteen stamps issued on the 26 November 1993.
The stamp shows the rocky-type habitat, with over-hangs and caves, which coelacanths are believed to prefer.

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